Wildlife Photography

Some of the best wildlife photography today is captured by what is known as trail cameras. These are cameras that are left in hides or along trails. They are often triggered by motion sensors as animals pass by. As with any cameras today, these trail cameras have several different brands and types to choose from and so a certain amount of study will be required in order to assure you get the best one for your particular needs. One of the best ways to research which of these cameras would be best for you is to go online to one or more of the trail camera review websites, like the one by Wildlife Chase as not only do they tell what cameras are available, but often give the pros and cons of, as well as their individual prices.

Obviously, as these cameras work without a human presence, the animals are usually captured on film being more natural than they possibly would when on guard due to a human presence. These cameras can allow researchers to better study animal behavior when they are left to their own devices, rather than in staged surroundings. Although many of these cameras are designed to take pictures triggered by motion detectors, some will provide time-lapse photographs and some even offer both. Many of the cameras will have infrared allowing for night time photography and most certainly all will have fairly fast shutter speeds in order to capture an animal in motion if necessary.

The cameras are often placed in what is known as hides which are in fact hidden locations where hopefully they will be unnoticed by any animals in the vicinity. Of course, the camera alone can not determine which is a good photo opportunity and which isn’t and so the best shots are due to the experience and expertise of the person setting up the camera. Before setting up one of these cameras, a photographer will probably have spent several hours if not days studying the scene and deciding where the best location for the camera is. Once that has been determined they then will have to decide how best to keep the camera as little noticeable as possible. Animals are very alert and very curious about anything unusual and it would not take much to disturb the camera and so it is best if the camera can remain hidden from them.

According to the websites, here are two examples of good trail cameras:

1.TEC.Bean 12MP 1080P Game and Trail Hunting Camera

This is considered a good trail camera for several reasons and those reasons are:

  • It has 120-degree wide angle capability. It is waterproof.
  • It has a 2.4” LCD screen
  • Night vision up to 75’

2. ENKEEO PH730S Trail Camera 1080P 12MP HD Wildlife Game Hunting Cam

This camera has several features that make it especially liked by the review sites and they are:

  • A 4” LCD display
  • 6-month standby life on its batteries
  • Black low glow infrared lights